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Who you know is critical for business success. Equally important is who you trust. Meet with other business owners to get inspired, share knowledge, create partnerships, and to hold each other accountable.

Building your business is challenging -- but you don't have to do it alone.


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Mastermind Groups 

Knowledge and Accountability 


If you want to grow your business faster and help others do the same, join a Mastermind group! 


Mastermind groups provide an opportunity to develop deep, trusted relationships with a small group of 6-8 community-minded and motivated CEOs.  Members are evaluated and matched to ensure each group is aligned, compatible and non-competitive with each other.  Additionally, every member signs a confidentiality agreement to ensure a safe environment for honest and productive conversations.  Each group meets monthly for a 90 minute virtual strategy session, during which every member has the opportunity to present wins, challenges and, most importantly, solicit feedback. 


The accountability of this peer advisory group drives value far beyond business webinars and networking events.  It provides a perspective you can only get from likeminded entrepreneurs invested in your success. 


To apply, your business must have annual revenue of $50k or more. 




Because we believe in the power of community, all Mastermind members will automatically be enrolled in our online peer community, Circle. Each member has a profile and can receive messages from other members. Members use Circle as a way to ask for feedback on new products, marketing strategies, and more by posting questions to the community feed. Additionally, we curate articles and opportunities, including grants and other business support programs, that can give you advantages you might otherwise miss.


In addition to Mastermind small groups, and broad community support through Circle, maximize your membership by also scheduling 1:1 coaching sessions with our Navigators!


Applications Open Now!

If you want to grow your business faster and help others do the same, become a NEXT Business Accelerator member and see the impact on your business.

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