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As part of the community, you'll have the opportunity to learn from those who have been there before, share your knowledge with others to help them succeed, and celebrate wins together. Each member has a profile and can receive messages from other members. Members use Circle as a way to ask for feedback on new products, marketing strategies, and more by posting questions to the community feed. Additionally, we curate articles and opportunities, including grants and other business support programs, that can give you advantages you might otherwise miss.

  • Free Access: We welcome you to stop by Circle with free view-only access to OmniWorks posts + events, and to shop from our online Community Marketplace. 

  • Member Only Access: Full access to Circle, including member posts, member profiles, and the ability to post and comment yourself is only available to community-mined entrepreneurs who complete our application and interview process.  This vetting and expectation setting process ensures that our community is a safe space for entrepreneurs to share challenges, wins and seek feedback. 


We hope you’ll join us!  Together, we can go farther!

Investment: Free (view only limited access) or $250/year (full access)

A great way to build lasting relationships is to join a Mastermind Group.

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